Diapers Little Art

LITTLE ART diapers are comparable in quality to Merries diapers and outperform other diapers made in China and locally.

Little Art diapers are made of natural and eco-friendly components only, free of chlorine, parabens and flavoring agents; you may rest assured that they are safe for baby's delicate skin.

We apply the state-of-the-art technologies, and as an absorbing agent we use the last-gen Japanese absorbent which ensures dryness for up to 12 hours.

Your baby's comfort depends not only on dryness but on whether diapers or panties are sensible and let the skin "breathe" as well. The materials and constructive solutions we use help us succeed in all areas of our focus.

There is a line of products with unit packaging. Each diaper has a protection against ambient environment and bacteria. After being used, it can be placed in the same packaging.

Ultra soft inside layer of diapers.

Re-usable velcro fasteners.

Special stitching on the front of a diaper that segments the distribution of liquid and prevents the diaper from sagging.

There is a wetness indicator and a disposal tape.

Ultra-thin absorbent paper, a mix of two Japanese absorbents Japan Sandia and Sumitomo SAP.

Super elasticity: diapers — the waistband is very elastic and comfortable, fits perfectly; panties — a Q-shape, comfortable like real underwear!

Absorbency — high and fast absorption. 500 ml and the diaper is dry!

Newborn — Special design diaper for newborns — there is a navel cutout, no elastic waistband to avoid chafing.

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